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Are you thinking of traveling and wondering if there are any places you can hire a harp while you are away?

Maybe you need a rental harp for professional performance, or perhaps you just want
to be able to take a small harp and play some tunes for fun, maybe do some writing...

This list of places in the world where you can rent harps is just what you need!!


Harps Australia - Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, Australia
Weiss Harps -Adelaide, Australia

Alison Vardy - Victoria, BC, Canada

New Zealand
Robyn Sutherland - Harp and Voice - Auckland, NZ

United Kingdom
Angharad James - Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Camac Harps - Cardiff, UK
Robin Ward - UK

Budget Harp Rentals - Florida, USA
Dusty Strings - Seattle, USA
Megan Kartchner - Burns, Oregon, USA
Michigan Harp Center - Michigan, USA
Stoney End Harps - Minnesota, USA
Sylvia Woods Harp Center - Southern California, USA
Triplett Harps - California, USA

Teifi Harps - Ceredigion, Wales

Clive Morley Harps - England, Scotland and Wales
- contact directly for hire in Ireland


Customer comments. . . you can read more on the Harp Hire page

David, Auckland

Many thanks for the hire of the lovely harp while I was in New Zealand recently. The service you provided was refreshingly straightforward and helpful and the instrument was clearly a delightful and special item. It was a real joy to have the use of it and will remain a special, positive part of my memories of New Zealand. Thank you so much.


Margaret Underwood, New Plymouth

I found Robyn very helpful and the harp she rented me has a lovely tone. I certainly hope to rent from her again next time I have a longer stay in New Zealand.


Book a rental harp in New Zealand today...
email: robyn@robynsutherland.com or Phone: 021 252 7632

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