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wedding music harp music for your ceremony


MP3s of Wedding Music

Elegant music for your wedding!

Processional - bride's walk down the aisle
Registry signing - signing the legal papers
Recessional - to mark the close of the ceremony

There are many songs and instrumentals in Robyn's repertoire.
You can have a look at the full list on the repertoire page
or see some other ideas on the Wedding Ceremony Music Guide

There are other times in your ceremony that music can be appropriate such as the lighting of a candle to remember people no longer with us or as background music to a slideshow.

Maravillosas et Piadosas (13th Century Spanish)
Lai (13th Century French)
Amoroso (14th Century Spanish)
Cantiga (13th Century Spanish)
Registry Signing:
Orange & Gold (Robyn Sutherland)
Maravillosas et Piadosas (13th Century Spanish)
Rosa das Rosas (13th Century Spanish)
Goddesses (Traditional English)
Amoroso (14th Century Spanish)
Maravillosas et Piadosas (13th Century Spanish - instr)
The Palest Rose (Robyn Sutherland)

Check Robyn's availability for your wedding now
email: robyn@robynsutherland.com or Phone: 021 252 7632

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