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The Following is designed to help you think about what you will need to discuss with a musician when booking them for your wedding. There are lots of details to put in place and a professional musician will be able to help you with this

Wedding date
Don’t wait until too close to your special day to select and book your musician as they can have bookings up to a year or more in advance. Check their availability as soon as you have decided on your wedding date. Make a pencil booking with them as soon as you ascertain their availability so you don’t lose the date. If you wait you may miss out!

Pencil booking
Most musicians will let you make a pencil booking - a booking which is not confirmed - this holds the date for you until a contract is in place and your booking is confirmed. If a musician has another enquiry about their penciled date they will check with you to see if you would like to proceed with your booking first.

Most musicians are happy to have a consultation with you before your wedding to meet and discuss the music and any other relevant details. Any questions that arise from this meeting should be written down so that all aspects are attended to. If you are planning your wedding from overseas you may want to have an online meeting. 

Sound equipment
You will need to advise the musicians of the number of guests attending and the size of the room they will be playing in at the venue so they can bring suitable sound equipment. Some musicians use battery powered amps for garden and outdoor settings and some only have amps and PA systems that require standard household mains power. Check with your musician that they have suitable equipment if your ceremony is outdoors. There may be an additional hire charge if extra equipment is needed.

If a musician is playing outdoors they will need shelter from sun, wind and rain as these can damage valuable instruments. If you are planning an outdoor wedding always have a plan B so if the weather is not good on the day you have a suitable indoor venue available as an option. Please don’t expect your musician to sit in the rain!

Venue music restrictions
Some venues impose time limits, restrictions on amplification levels and restrictions on numbers of musicians. Check the suitability of the musicians with your venue before you book your musicians as with some contracts there are cancellation penalties.

Performance space
Make sure there is enough room at the venue for your performers. Musicians should inform you of the amount of space they require. Think carefully where to position them in the room so you get the best sound coverage and there is enough space for your guests and the venue staff to move around.

Setup time
Make sure there will be someone present at the venue when your musician arrives to set up. Exactly where your musician is to set up is best worked out beforehand. If possible provide them with a diagram of the setting and mark clearly where they will be playing.

Venue address
Send your musician a link to the venue's website. Advise them of a contact person and a contact number for the venue.

Inform your musicians of the style of dress expected at your wedding. Formal dress is usual but for ethnic weddings or themed weddings there may be different requirements.

Musicians may attend rehearsals if they are available. If you want your musician to be at your rehearsal there may be an extra charge.

Special music requests
Many couples have a song or instrumental piece of music that is special to them and would like this to be included in their ceremony. Be sure to let your musician know this as far in advance as you can. If you can provide sheet music or a recording of your special request it will be most appreciated by your musician. Some musicians will charge an extra fee for learning a special piece of music.

Making a booking
Get it in writing!
You should receive a contract from your musician containing details of your booking with them. Always read every word of your contract and ask questions if something is unclear. A good contract will help both parties to avoid misunderstandings.

Most performers will require a deposit to secure your date at the time you return the contract. Rather than pay your musician the balance on the day make your payment before your wedding - this means you don't need to remember to pay on your wedding day.

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