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Skype Harp Lessons

phone: 021 252 7632

email: robyn@robynsutherland.com


Harp lessons online using Skype or Zoom

Learn music on the internet. Distance learning is convenient, better for our environment and online lessons are fun!

You can go through your music before the lesson so you feel a bit warmed up. After the lesson you can practice what you have learnt straight away, great for helping you to remember the things you have just learnt. Music can be sent by PDF and written notes can be sent using the chat feature which you can refer to after the lesson. 

Convenient if you are self isolating, injured, sick or have other mobility issues
skype is a great way to take lessons while staying at home.

Easy payment
Payment for your lessons can be made via bank transfer or if you are not located in New Zealand by Paypal, once again, you can do this from home. Extra charges will apply for overseas students to cover paypal fees.

What you will need
A digital device with skype on it, a broadband connection, webcam and microphone - and a harp. If you are already a skype user then you are ready to begin your lessons. If you don't have skype you can download it here - www.skype.com
it's a free program and there are versions for both Mac and PC.

Install it on your computer and create a skype user name - send out some skype contact invitations and you're away!

Your lesson space
The best kind of background for your lessons is a plain coloured dark background, this makes it easier to see the hands and fingers on the strings. You will need to think about lighting too, do a check on skype and you will see that some lighting sources, i.e. a window with the sun coming through, can cause your picture to look like a large white blob. Sometimes it is as simple as pulling the curtains and turning on the light. Take some time to experiment with the placing of a movable light if you have one. Once you have a play around you will figure out what works best and can set this up the same every time.

Some reasons why people want to learn how to play the harp

People choose to learn music for many different reasons. Many have learnt an instrument at school, forgotten most of it and decide at a later stage in their lives to take it up again. Some are looking for peace of mind and want to learn music as a form of meditation and for it's calming effects. Some want to learn the harp so they can take the instrument to the bedside of a sick relative or into a retirement village to play for their mother or father. Some want to stave off alzheimers and dementia and want to keep their brains active and learning new things. Some people have always wanted to play the harp and are now at a point in their lives where they have the time to do so. 


Comments from online students...


Buster - Auckland

Robyn is a patient, methodical teacher suitable for anyone of any level!! She took the time to explain the fundamentals of harp and took great care in making sure I was learning the right way, and most importantly in a fun way.


Jen - Auckland

Our daughter took part in online harp lessons with Robyn Sutherland during the Covid lockdowns. It was wonderful to have continuity in learning and our daughter found it a peaceful break inbetween all other lessons and demands of school during the pandemic. We also hired a high quality harp from Robyn which was a really good way to introduce ourselves to this stunning instrument without the big outlay of purchasing one at this stage. Robyn is so lovely and professional to deal with and I have no hesitation in recommending her as a tutor.


Rebekah - Auckland

Thank you Robyn for the harp hire and all the harp lessons we had. I really appreciated how you tailored them to my own individual style and way of learning, you have been the best music teacher I've had. I loved our harp lessons so much and will miss them dearly. You refreshed my love for music and creativity, which I lost along the journey into adulthood! My baby has loved listening to me play the harp also and I hope that I will be able to pick it up again soon. 


Miriam - Auckland

I highly recommend Robyn for harp hire and lessons. The hire arrangement was seamless and professional and the harp we received for my 14 year old daughter was just right for her. It sounded heavenly.
Robyn is a wonderful teacher; she is calm, patient and articulates very clearly her advice and playing tips. 
I would recommend Robyn without hesitation for anyone wanting to learn harp, either in person or online.


Melissa - Palmerston North

My son has been enjoying the skype harp lessons with Robyn for over one year now. We are out of Auckland and Robyn is so supportive to offer us the online lessons and harp hiring from the beginning which made it much easier for my boy to start his harp journey. Thank you Robyn!


Nicola Wilson - Northland - Skype lessons

While living in rural Northland I was able to fulfull a long held ambition of playing a harp by hiring one that Robyn couriered to us in a harp travel case. I had lessons fortnightly via skype using the internet. This was a learning curve with the technology in addition to the instrument but Robyn was very helpful and supportive. My five year old daughter was enchanted with my harp playing and decided to join me in learning. We would visit Robyn a couple of times a term for an in person lesson which we found invaluable. Our harp learning was a memorable and treasured experience. Robyn is an exceptional person . Her gorgeous character flows over into every aspect of teaching, playing and personal interactions. How grateful we are for the opportunity to have studied under her tutelage!


Sasha - Waiuku, Auckland - Skype lessons

Robyn was a wonderful teacher to my daughter. Being able to hire a harp enabled my daughter to try a new instrument and see if it was the one she wanted to pursue long term before having to make a significant investment in a new instrument. Robyn was a wonderful teacher, patient and had a real raport with my daughter. I particularly appreciated Robyn making Skype lessons available as we were located a fair distance from Robyn and it enabled us to have lessons on the weeks we couldn't make commutes. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Robyn to anyone considering pursuing the harp.

Book your first online harp lesson with Robyn today
email: robyn@robynsutherland.com or phone: 021 252 7632

Skype: robyn.sutherland


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