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Skype Harp Lessons

phone: 021 252 7632

email: robyn@robynsutherland.com

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Now you can learn the harp even if there is no teacher in your area.
Beginner lessons are available from Robyn via skype.

Gone are the days of driving for hours to spend time with someone, now you can learn from anywhere in the world as long as you have the right technology.
Online lessons are fun!

Benefits of online lessons:

Saves you time
No need to spend hours in the car driving to and from your harp lesson. This means you might be able to fit an extra activity in on your lesson days, or maybe get to spend some more time at home with your family.

Saves you money
You don't have to drive anywhere. That has got to be good for the planet too. Flexible lesson times - because you don't have to factor in travel you will find there are more times to choose from for your lesson.

Convenient if you are injured, sick or have other mobility issues
skype is a great way to take lessons without having to go out. If you have children you won't need to find a babysitter so you can go to your harp lessons. You can go through your music before the lesson so you feel a bit warmed up. After the lesson you can practice what you have learnt straight away, great for helping you to remember the things you have just learnt.

Easy payment
Payment for your lessons can be made via bank transfer or paypal if you are not located in New Zealand, once again, you can do this from home.


What you will need
A computer with skype on it, a broadband connection, webcam and microphone - and a harp. If you are already a skype user then you are ready to begin your lessons. If you don't have skype on your computer you can download it here - www.skype.com
it's a free program and there are versions for either Mac or PC.

Install it on your computer and create a skype user name - send out some skype contact invitations and you're away!

Your lesson space
The best kind of background for your lessons is a plain coloured dark background, this makes it easier to see the hands and fingers on the strings. You will need to think about lighting too, do a check on skype and you will see that some lighting sources, i.e. a window with the sun coming through, can cause your picture to look like a large white blob. Sometimes it is as simple as pulling the curtains and turning on the light. Take some time to experiment with the placing of a movable light if you have one. Once you have a play around you will figure out what works best and can set this up the same every time.


Book your first skype harp lesson with Robyn today
email: robyn@robynsutherland.com or phone: 021 252 7632

Skype: robyn.sutherland


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